Uniwa account message forwarding
- Monday April 6, 2020 -

Dear Erasmus Incoming Students.

In order not to miss an email, notification etc. from this open e-class as well as your uniwa account, you need to connect your uniwa account with your preferred email. This way you will not have to log-in to your uniwa email every once in a while and you will always be updated with your *@uniwa.gr  incoming messages.

The procedure is simple, just follow steps (1)-(6).

1) Open a web-browser

2) Type "webmail.uniwa.gr"

3) Log-in using your UNIWA credentials (username & password)

4) Click "Settings" (look for the "gear" sign on the top right of the Outlook window)

5) When in [Settings] find /click "View all Outlook settings" It should automatically start to [Layout];

6) Find / click the "Forwarding" tab; then tick "Enable forwarding", enter your preferred email address and click "Save"

You are all set-up!

To verify, send yourself an email at *@uniwa.gr and the message will be fwd-ed to your preferred email.

Marios Valavanides